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Frozen Pizza 9”-10”

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Frozen Pizza 9”-10”

    • 400
    • 15
    • Serves 4
    • Easy



    Frozen Pizza 9”-10”

    Function: Oven
    Temperature: 400oF or follow manufacture’s recommendation
    Time: 10-15 minutes or reduce manufacture’s recommendation by about 20%
    Ingredients: One frozen pizza

    1. Press function button until “Oven” icon is flashing.
    2. Adjust temperature to “400oF”, and time to “10-15” minutes.
    3. Press “Start” button, then AirGO starts preheating and displays “PrE”.
    4. When “PrE” begins flashing or you hear the tune, preheating is completed. You can now place your frozen pizza into the cooking pan.
    5. Flipping reminder will sound around 4 to 6 minutes. Ignore the flipping notification allow AirGO to finish, or watch for the doneness of your pizza.
    6. Once the cooking time is finished, the display shows End with 4 long beeps.
    7. Remove pizza from cooking pan, slice, and serve.

    Note: Frozen pizzas up to 11” may fit in. Please make sure the pizza does not stay on the rim of the cooking pan and the lid can be closed properly.

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