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Egg Crepe (煎饼果子)

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2/3 cup all-purpose flour for crispy bread in the middle
1/3 cup water for crispy bread in the middle
1 pinch Salt for crispy bread in the middle
1/2 cup all-purpose flour for crepe
3/4 cup water for crepe
Vegetable Oil
chopped fresh cilantro
Green Onion
Hoisin Sauce
Pickled mustard tuber

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Egg Crepe (煎饼果子)

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    Egg Crepe was my daily breakfast in the college life, every morning we can buy it on the street near by school. The crispy bread(bocui)in the middle of egg crepe that what we called the soul of  egg crepe.

    A lot people can make egg crepes, but without the bocui , it will always feel something missing deep inside.

    In the original receipt, bakers will deep fry dough piece. Finally I found out AirGO could help to make bocui less oil and less messy.


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    For Crispy bread in the middle (薄脆bo cui)

    -mix flour, salt and water together, set for 20 mins then knead dough.
    -add more flour if too sticky , divide dough to 2 part and using rolling pin flat the dough as thin as you can.
    -brush some oil on the bread.
    -Pre heat airfry 420F 15 mins
    -brush about table spoon oil into the pan,
    -add the dough for 5 mins flip to other side until the time done.
    -you can add more time for your desired color and crispy level.



    -While baking the crispy bread, mix flour and water in the other bowl, flour and water together.
    -After making crispy bread, wipe extra oil off from pan, and set AirGO to Crepe function.
    -pour about 1/3 cup into pan using crepe spatula to cover the pan.
    -add egg, cilantro, green onion and pickled mustard tuber on the crepe, close the lid for 1 min.
    -brush some hoisin sauce on it.


    bocui + Crepe

    using the crepe to wrap bocui. Bon Apppetit!


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