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AirGO cooked harsh browns

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1 Potatoes

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AirGO cooked harsh browns

  • 420F
  • Easy




Harsh potato is one of my son’s favorite breakfast.  Usually, I cook it on the stove top with a frying pan. Some times I can make them perfect, but quite a bit times I burned them. After I got my AirGO, I use it a lot since the result is always satisfying. I would love to share with you.

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Prepare potato

1 medium size potato. Shred them by the grader. Wash them a couple of times until the water is clear. Use a towel to dry them, and marinate them with salt, oil, and pepper. let them stay still for 5 minutes also. If there is some water coming out, dry potato again. Until the potato is dry.


AirGO grill harsh browns

Select AirGO"Grill" function. Use default temperature 420F 9-10 minutes. Adding a little bit more cooking oil and butter in the cooking pan. Press the "Start" button, AirGo start preheating.
Once the preheating is done, place shredded potato into the pan. Flip once until flipping indicator suggested.
Ready to serve.


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